This explains Mark Binsteds (Dissociates) ties to the illuminati. Dissociate is a survivor of battered child syndrome. As a result he now suffers from dissociative identity disorder (D.I.D.) (Multiple personality disorder). D.I.D. is key to illuminati members. Google MK Ultra and trauma based mind control. In his song “Illuminati” he said he is a member of the illuminati.Dissociate was arrested and charged with an armed break and enter. The police were in the house waiting for him. They were tipped off, there was no way dissociate could plead not guilty. He was caught red handed. This charge almost certainly guarantees a jail sentence. Dissociate was granted bail. While on bail Dissociate gave Carl Scully who at the time was the minister of police and his children free skiing lessons. In his song “Counterfeit Soldiers” he says “I have dirty politicians on the payroll” and “Cops who will kill for an iphone”. Dissociate plead guilty and was sentenced for his crime. He received a two year suspended sentence. A suspended sentence is where an offender is given a jail sentence but does not go to jail. Nothing happens. He was just told to not reoffend. The police prosecutor protested but said “Well if he offends again he goes to jail i guess”?. The judge said “No he does not. And if he does reoffend it is a court order that he sits before me again”.

While serving his two year suspended jail sentence he was charged with grievous bodily harm. This is the most serious assault before manslaughter. Five witnesses said Dissociate assaulted the man. Dissociate on stand said he did not. The jury found Dissociate not guilty within 5 minutes. Dissociate owns five cigarette brands. Alli, Jade, Margot, P2U and Not Guilty. In his song “Praise the Lord” he calls out to Margot Robinson, Samantha Jade and Alli Simpson. Is he inviting them to join the illuminati? His brand P2U stands for Power to Unions. Dissociate believes in one union for one nation. He is a member of the Maritime Union of Australia and is friends with leaders of certain unions. The M.U.A is on the verge of joining forces with the CFMEU. It will be the most powerful union in the world. If this happens Dissociate will give 100% of profits of the P2U brand to the union.

When Dissociate was in his early 20s he met with Kevin Rudd who at the time was running to be Prime Minister of Australia. Dissociate shook his hand and said “You have all the votes of the unions”. (BEEP) won the election and became the leader of Australia. Dissociate was published in several newspaper articles about supplying synthetic drugs. He agrees he was the kingpin in Australia and supplied everyone. He admits he made millions but maintains he never broke the law. His reasons for doing this business was the Illuminati wanted to legalise marijuana. He was asked to create an epidemic and one that could not be regulated so the government had no choice but to legalise marijuana. Medical marijuana is the first step. Dissociate claims he can still sell synthetic drugs legally but he won’t. He does not need the money and his job has been done.

Dissociate was arrested for drug charges due to this business. He was charged with large commercial quantity supply prohibited drug. This charge carries a life sentence, to be served for the offender’s natural life. Interestingly though he was never interviewed by police, he was never arrested, paperwork was just sent to his lawyer. In New South Wales this charge is the same as murder. If charged with this crime its law you are remanded in custody and immediately sent to jail. To repeat, Dissociate was not even arrested, questioned but was given unconditional bail. His case was thrown out of court on a technicality. Dissociate is no stranger to attempting suicide. He has slit his wrists, hung himself but the rope broke, jumped in front of moving cars intentionally and overdosed on prescription medication. He clinically died twice. He claims the first time he was sent to hell before he was revived and the second time he was at the gates of heaven where an angel spoke to him. He claims angels have no wings. Dissociate now believes he really did die but now is in Purgatory. Listen to his song Purgatory.

He called up the Australian consulate in the United states saying he wanted his Australian citizenship cancelled and wanted to go to America. He said that America is heaven and he wants to get out of this horrible place. He was taken to Hornsby Mental Health hospital and was not allowed to leave for months. Dissociate only wanted to become a celebrity so he can go to America (Heaven) and perform spreading gods word. He then wants to travel the world performing spreading the word of god and entertaining people. He believes Eminem is an angel and has helped him throughout his life. He hopes to feature in songs with Eminem, Nicki Minaj, 50 Cent, Jay Z,Bebe Rexha Dr Dre, Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Even though in his song “I can do better” he says he will “tag” Selena Gomez and Justin will cry and cant Justin Bieber just die he sees Justin as a fellow Christian and follower of god. The only way for DIssociate to believe is he isn’t in Purgatory is if he becomes a celebrity and goes to America.

Dissociates songs are now on the radio in Australia and the U.S.A. This is unheard of. He was promised radio time before even making a single song. It is pretty much impossible to get radio time, especially if you are an unknown artist. Who is this guy? Dissociate has found god. He wants to spread god’s word. He asks for forgiveness and has repented for his sins. He now wants to build mental health facilities and rehabs and give the needy free treatment. Dissociate is a forensic patient in New South Wales. This means that he is legally, criminally insane